Personalized Training To Meet Your Needs


On-Court Training

1 on 1: ($50 / 1 hour)

Personalized workouts specifically designed around improving flaws in your game and enhancing strengths to help you reach your basketball goals.

Small Groups: ($20 per player / 1 hour)

Workouts that allows myself to focus on 1 or 2 aspects of each players game to develop in a competitive environment. Allowing players to improve their decision making skills at game speed.

Team Based Groups: ($100 / practice)

If you are a coach that would like help at improving your teams basketball fundamentals, offensive and defensive skills, or how to run a more efficient practice to get the most out of your players. I will personally design a practice to your specifications and come run it for you!

Off-Court Performance

Performance Training: (Inquire through email or DM)

Weight room workouts designed to maximize your physical performance on a basketball court with proper recovery techniques after intense workouts included.

Sports Nutrition:

Our team will help plan diets that suit your specific performance needs (i.e. gaining muscle, getting lean, improving energy, etc.) 

Need More Info?

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